There are two primary kinds of Clase Azul or tequila – 100% blue agave tequila and mixto. The 100% blue agave tequilas are distilled completely from the fermented juice of the agave. 100% agave tequilas are required to be distilled and bottled in Mexico. In case your bottle of Tequila is just not clearly marked as 100% blue agave, the tequila is mixto and will have been distilled from as little as 60% agave juice with different sugars. Tequila ready from solely agave sugars are made in Mexico, and are marked Hecho en México (made in Mexico).

Tequila is aged in picket barrels which might be most of the time comprised of oak. As tequila is aged, it turns into smoother, with a woody style and golden coloration. Getting older could disguise the agave taste and few kinds of tequila are aged longer than three to 4 years. Each distillery in Mexico is assigned a NOM quantity (which stands for Normas Official Mexicana) to indicate that the distiller has complied with Mexican Authorities requirements. It additionally exhibits which firm made or bottled the tequila.

There are four common classes of tequila:

· Blanco: Blanco or Silver

Blanco tequila is 100% agave tequila that’s not aged or handled with components. That is the standard tequila that’s clear and clear and contemporary from the nonetheless. Blanco – additionally known as white or silver tequila – have to be bottled immediately after the distillation course of. One of these tequila has scent and taste of the blue agave. It’s usually robust and is historically loved in a “caballito” or shot glass.

· Oro or Gold

Gold tequila is tequila that positive aspects its coloration by getting old in oaks barrels whether it is 100% agave. There’s additionally gold or Oro tequila that’s mellowed by including colours and flavorings comparable to caramel. This tequila is mostly used for making Margaritas.

· Reposado or Rested

That is Blanco tequila that has been rested in white oak barrels or vats known as “pipones” for no less than two months and as much as a 12 months. The getting old on oak provides Reposado a easy style, fulfilling bouquet, and a pale coloration. Reposado tequila maintains the flavour of the blue agave and is milder to the palate. The demand for Reposado tequilas has grown enormously within the final a number of years. The costs have elevated as properly.

· Añejo or Aged

That is 100% agave, aged tequila that has been saved in oak no less than one 12 months. It’s mainly Blanco tequila that has been aged. This tequila is amber in coloration and picks up its coloration and taste from the oak casks through which it’s aged. Añejo tequila has a particular style that’s picked up from the oak.


Though not a class in itself, it’s a particular Añejo that sure distillers hold in oak casks for as much as eight years. Reserva is a few of the most wanted tequila out there due to its easy and sophisticated style. These tequilas are additionally amongst a few of the costliest out there.


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